Trek & Wars: Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off

Original image by Brian Nielsen

OK Folks, we need to talk. I’m sure you’re aware that there’s this whole Star Trek vs. Star Wars and which one is better and why thing. Horsefeathers, I say! It needs to stop. You can not compare the two, it’s like apples and oranges.

Yes, that’s right. Two different things. Star Trek is Science Fiction. And yes, I’ll say it. Star Wars is not.

I will pause while you recover.

Don’t start thinking that this is some sort of secret ploy to draw you in while I bash Star Wars and tell you how much better Star Trek is, it’s not. I simply hold the opinion that Star Wars, while set in space, is not Science Fiction. Yes, it is set in a universe that is more technologically advanced than us, but that doesn’t make it Science Fiction. No, instead I believe that Star Wars is in fact a fantasy tale.

Have you heard this story before? A young man, orphaned, is living a very modest life. One day something happens and he learns the true identity of his parents. He leaves home and goes on an adventure meeting new friends, and eventually leads the fight against a supreme evil. Sound like Star Wars? Yeah, well I also just described Wheel of Time, A Sword of Truth, and Harry Potter. Among others, I’m sure. Along with that plot line Star Wars also has a princess, a pirate, several wizards, and bumbling comic relief. Still sound like Science Fiction?

Star Wars being Fantasy and not Science Fiction isn’t a bad thing, it’s just a genre change. A paradigm shift. Nothing more.

Star Trek, on the other hand, is Science Fiction. It’s set in a possible Earth future where we, as humans, have overcome problems and united for the betterment of all. Eh, for the most part. There’s no Force or other magical system, it’s entirely science based. Except for Q, but we can file that under “Science we haven’t figured out yet.” Star Trek, in fact, like most good science fiction, is a parable. Except for most holodeck episodes. It’s a story to helps us learn right from wrong, though usually at the expense of some other hapless and less enlightened race.

Thus, other than personal preference, there’s no reason to argue over which is better. If you liked apples better would you argue with an orange enthusiast? No, because it would be stupid to argue over the virtues of two different kinds of fruit when the only reason you like one over the other better is taste and texture. Neither of you is right and neither of you is wrong. The same is true for Star Trek and Star Wars. You can like both of them equally for what they are separately, or you can choose to like one over the other based solely on preference. But really, fighting over it is just silly.

Comic Con 2012 Roundup

I would love to tell you that the reason you didn’t hear from me last week was because I was at Comic Con, rubbing elbows with the Nerd Elite. Sadly, it’s actually because my computer crashed. So what did I, and the unable to get a ticket masses, miss? Here’s a run down.

Game of Thrones casting for Season 3 has been announced (was this at Comic Con? I’ m not sure but it happened)

Game of Thrones Season 3 will return March 31, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 3 Trailer. AWESOME.

Not at Comic Con: The Walking Dead Issue 100 is the best selling indie comic

Fringe is coming back for its final season, September 28 and also released a trailer. It does not want me to embed it, so here’s a link

If you’re like me, you enjoyed Once Upon a Time last season but wondering just what the fuck they were going to do with Season 2. I mean how many curses can there be? Well apparently they came up with something and released a teaser trailer for that as well.

Firefly cast members had a 10 year reunion (yes, it’s been 10 years since that Fox cock up, the programming and eventual cancel, not the show) and if you’d like to watch the panel you can do so here. It’s also supposed to be showing on the Science Channel in a couple of months.

Felicia Day announced that there WILL be a Season 6 of The Guild. No word on when, she tweeted earlier today about writing the first episode, so I’m guessing it will be awhile.

And about a gabillion other things. What was your favorite item to come out of Comic Con? Anything that didn’t get covered? I was hoping Blizzard would surprise us all with a Mists of Pandaria drop date or maybe we’d get a Grimm trailer. Sadly, neither happened.

404 Not Found: Hot Geeky Men

A lot has been said about the hot geeky chick. Blog posts, commercials, Barrens chat, you name it. It seems like guys seem to think we are all sitting around in our underwear playing video games while quoting Monty Python. OK well, maybe we are but it’s not lacy thong underwear, guys, it’s Hanes Her Way grandma panties, and likely they have pizza stains on them just like yours do. Anyway. Hot Geek Chick aside, where the hell are all the Hot Geek Guys? Why isn’t more being asked about this elusive creature? Is the hot geek guy a near mythical being like leprechauns, unicorns, and jobs that both pay well and don’t suck out your soul? WHERE ARE THEY? I need me some geek eye candy of the male persuasion.

Nathan Fillion from Firefly Wiki

Sure we have Nathan Fillion. He’s adorable. Who doesn’t love Captain Mal? I don’t watch Castle but I’m pretty sure his shirt isn’t off nearly as much as it should be.

From The Guild

Then we have Wil Wheaton. Wesley Crusher??? You might be saying. Stick with me on this one. I was watching Next Gen as a teen girl who was a little younger than Mr. Wheaton, and here’s this young smart kid on TV who’s showing up all the adults? Hell yeah I liked him. And now he’s just all kinds of awesome, writing, starting in webseries, guest starring on TV shows. He’s all that and a bag of chips.

But where are the scantily clad hot guys we all want to drool over? Guys get chicks to drool over, why can’t we? And why can’t they be geek guys. Is it so much to get a photo of a hot geek guy wearing nothing but nerd glasses and a laptop? We need to do more to objectify our geek men and find enough of them to make a calendar out of.

Geek Podcasts

I will admit, my podcast list is a bit gaming heavy. And World of Warcraft heavy at that. What can I say? If you have some that you listen to that you would like to suggest, I’m all ears. Ha! I usually listen to these while I’m at work, makes the day go faster when you have a somewhat boring job. Here we go…

The Geek Domain – This is a geek news website that also has a podcast. Don’t get any ideas. You don’t need to hear me say um and uh for an hour.

Elder Scrolls Off The Record – These guys recently changed from Skyrim OTR to Elder Scrolls OTR with the announcement of Elder Scrolls Online. Because of them, for the first time ever, I’m excited about an upcoming MMO.

OK the rest of these are WoW related!
Arcanum of Azeroth – Mini podcast for pet and mount collectors
Blessing of Frost – I’m not sure how I found this podcast, but I like it. It’s a simple WoW podcast with great information and insight. They haven’t posted a new one in a few weeks, I think it’s because one of the hosts is graduating college. Or I hope that’s the reason.
Covert to Raid – I’m not a raider, but I do like to raid. Plus Koltrane’s voice is oddly hypnotic. Like a crazy DJ from your hometown, you’re just drawn to that new Chevy dealership opening hoping for a water bottle or tshirt that he’s giving away. And then you see him DJ’s your best friend’s wedding, and it blows your mind. Weird.
Darkmoon Herald – WoW podcast with sort of a carnival feel
HearthCast – Podcast for the casual gamer
Horde for Life – Not just For the Horde. Ha. Alliance players are welcome too. (For HfL I’m giving the “main” network link because the HfL podcast website never gets updated. They are on episode 42 but the HfL website only goes up to episode 30. EGO Networks also is home to other podcasts, including a few on this list.)
The Instance – I recently heard someone describe this popular WoW podcast as the “McDonald’s of WoW podcasts.” Dude. You’re a World of Warcraft player. Need I point out that many say that WoW is the McDonald’s of MMORPGS? Dumbass. Anyway I like The Instance. That might be mostly due to Turpster’s accent.
Tauren Think Tank – These guys are new and they are awesome. They give advice out to the WoW player with issues. They are like the Dear Abby or Ann Landers of WoW. I’m not sure which is which though.

Blog Debut… Because I’m The One That’s Cool

Welcome to the inaugural post of the Oh, A Girl Dragon blog! What is this all about? OAGD is about Sci Fi, Fantasy, Gaming, Science, and other geeky stuff but geared toward women. Don’t worry, guys, you are welcome here too. OAGD was initially slated to launch last fall, but things happened. Life got in the way. Woman plans, disc-bulge-in-your-neck laughs. Then Christmas hits. Crazy times all around. Now an opportunity to get things going again has presented itself, namely a class assignment to start a blog, and it is full steam ahead. Future posts might include upcoming movies, books, television shows, games, conventions, who knows.

And now for some content.

Oh, A Girl Dragon is not the only thing in the Geek-O-Sphere launching this week. Felicia Day’s new online network, Geek & Sundry hit the web as well. If you are unfamiliar with Day’s work, she is the creator of The Guild, a web series about an MMORPG guild staring Day herself as the lead character, Codex.

Joining The Guild under the Geek & Sundry production banner are a few new web series.

First off is The Flog where Day talks about some of her favorite things and explores a new hobby each week. Sounds a little Oprah-ish except Oprah never featured Gnome Zombies eating a lawn flamingo on her favorite things list. Her hobby this week is Blacksmithing. Day is a huge Skyrim fan and has upped her Blacksmithing skill to 100. So to appreciate the real art better, she goes to check out a real life Blacksmith. It’s all very Faile falling in love with Perrin. Well, no, it’s not but a girl can pretend.

Table Top is hosted by Wil Wheaton and introduces table top games and shows celebs (ce-webs?) playing the game. This week Wheaton is joined by Mythbuster’s Grant Imahara and Bloggers Jenna Busch and Sean Plott who all play a game called Small World. The video is not a review of the game, it’s a brief explanation of the rules followed by the foursome playing the game. It gives a good idea of how the game is played and whether or not a viewer would want to play the game. It’s an interesting take and the cleanest board game session in the history of board games. The table is clean without the usual pizza boxes and Mountain Dew bottles strewn about.

Also launching is Dark Horse Motion Comics, The Secret, an animated comic book, which is not a cartoon. The story is about some teens that pull some pranks and it backfires on them. The story is a horror comic and is certainly a different kind of medium. Worth checking out if you are into the horror genre.

Finally a new Guild music video, I’m the One That’s Cool, has been released as a follow up to their previous videos, (Do You Wanna Date My) Avatar and Game On. The song is fun tune about Geeks finally coming into their own and telling the cool kids where to go and how to get there.

Thanks for reading the first of what hopefully will be many blog posts here on Oh, A Girl Dragon!