Winter & Mid-Season TV Line-Up

Game of Thrones returns Sunday, March 31

Game of Thrones returns Sunday, March 31

After a bit of a hiatus, I am back with your winter television shows that you’re dying to now are returning when now? Well, soon. Sooner than you think. I mean you’ll survive Christmas, the end of the world, and New Year’s and be thinking “Shit, here’s Valentine’s Day hot on it’s heels” but before it hits, all your free time will be sucked up by new episodes of your favorite shows and you’ll be stuck buying your significant other a gift certificate to ThinkGeek. Again. Well whatever, here we go. All times are Eastern.

Being Human – Syfy, Monday, January 14 at 9PM

The Big Bang Theory – CBS, Thursday, January 3 at 8PM

Castle – ABC, Monday, January 7 at 10:01PM (yes, really, 10:01, WTF?)

Community – NBC, Thursday, February 7 at 8PM (I’ll believe this when I see it!)

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – CBS, Wednesday, January 16, at 10PM

CSI: New York – CBS, Friday, January 4 at 8PM

Doctor Who – BBCA, Tuesday, December 25 at 9PM (This is likely just the Christmas special, I don’t think this is a regularly scheduled time, or that this is a start of a new season or mid season. I’m REALLY FAR behind on my Doctor Who episodes. Like three years. It’s quite shameful.)

Face Off – Syfy, Tuesday, January 15 at 9PM

Fringe – Fox, Friday, December 21 at 9PM (This didn’t really take a break, but it is the final few episodes)

Game of Thrones – HBO, Sunday, March 31 at 9PM

Girls – HBO, Sunday, January 13 at 9PM

Ghost Hunters – Syfy, Wednesday, January 16 at 9PM

Grimm – NBC, Friday, March 8 at 9PM (OMGWTFBBQ I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL MARCH????)

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo – Are you fucking kidding me? If you keep watching that shit, they keep putting it on TV! Bad geek! BAD!!!

How I Met Your Mother – CBS, Monday, January 14 at 8PM

Modern Family – ABC, Wednesday, January 9 at 9PM

The Office – NBC, Thursday, January 10 at 9PM

Once Upon A Time – ABC, Sunday, January 6 at 8PM

Parks & Recreation – NBC, Thursday, January 17 at 8:30PM

Revolution – NBC, Monday, March 25 at 10PM (I’m sorry to say this one sucked me in. CURSE YOU J.J. ABRAMS!!!!)

The Walking Dead – AMC, Sunday, February 10 at 9PM

Did I miss anything? Let me know. Or check out’s guide.

Fall Geek TV Line-Up

One of my favorite new shows from last year, Grimm, started up season 2 this past Monday. I was totally taken unawares. I thought I still had time. Alas, I did not. So I decided to write up a guide to return dates of shows that might appeal to my fellow geek. Please let me know if I missed any. All times are Eastern, please check your local listings.

Being Human – Syfy, Returning in 2013, probably January that’s when last season and season one started

The Big Bang Theory – CBS, Thursday, September 27 at 8PM

Castle – ABC, Monday, September 24 at 10PM

Community – NBC, Friday, October 19 at 8:30PM

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – CBS, Wednesday, September 26, at 10PM

CSI: New York – CBS, Friday, September 28 at 8PM

Doctor Who – BBCA, Saturday, August 18 at 9PM

Face Off – Syfy, Tuesday, August 21 at 9PM

Falling Skies – TNT, Sunday, August 19 at 9PM

Fringe – Fox, Friday, September 28 at 9PM

Ghost Adventures – Travel, Friday, September 14 at 9PM

Ghost Hunters – Syfy, Wednesday, September 5 at 9PM

Grimm – NBC RETURNED!!! Mondays at 10PM

How I Met Your Mother – CBS, Monday, September 24 at 8PM

Keeping Up With The Kardashians – HAHAHAHAHA Just kidding.

Modern Family – ABC, Wednesday, September 26 at 9PM

The Office – NBC, Thursday, September 20 at 9PM

Once Upon A Time – ABC, Sunday, September 30 at 8PM

Parks & Recreation – NBC, Thursday, September 20 at 9:30PM

Revolution – NBC, Monday, September 17 at 10PM – NEW SHOW

Robot Chicken – Adult Swim, Sunday, September 9 at 11:59PM

The Walking Dead – AMC, Sunday, October 14 at 9PM

If you’re wondering about other shows I might not have listed, check out The Futon Critic’s Guide.

Jaime Lannister is the Bravest Man in Westeros

Jamie Lannister, Photo courtesy

If you’ve only seen the show Game of Thrones or not read all of the Song of Ice and Fire books, you might think I’m off my gourd. If you’ve never done either of those things, you haven’t got a flipping clue what I’m talking about.

Let’s back up for a moment. Assuming you know who Jaime Lannister is, you know that on the surface, he his an arrogant jackass who pushes children out windows. You know he’s known as the Kingslayer for killing King Aerys II Targaryen. And you know he’s been having a nearly life long incestuous affair with his twin sister, Cersei. Not the guy you want to be seated next to at the next family wedding, right? You would be right on all those counts, Jaime is all of those things.

Without getting into spoilers from the book, Jaime is also a lot more. I don’t want to give a lot a way for those that either haven’t read the books or haven’t read all of them. The gist is that after Jaime leaves the Stark camp with Brienne, she rubs off on him. Brienne is the anti-Jaime. They are both knights, but where he only takes his vows somewhat seriously, she’s devoted to them to her core. If she promises to do something, come hell or highwater, she’s going to do it. Jaime starts to reflect on himself and it affects him later on in the series.

That’s not what I mean though.

Jaime began life as a squire in his youth and was inducted into the Kingsguard at age 15, the youngest of any goldcloak. He does this for Cersei who manipulated the situation to get Jaime out of a marriage. This backfires when because her father becomes upset at the King for taking his eldest (and by his estimation, only) son into the Kingsguard. Goldcloaks swear for life, forsaking all lands and titles. Tywin picks up and leaves King’s Landing and his position as Hand of the King, and returns to Casterly Rock with Cersei. Jaime as a teenager in the Kingsguard witnesses the Mad King continue to become more mad and more cruel, especially with the rebellion that rose up around Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark. At the sack of King’s Landing the Mad King raves all day and sets his newly appointed Hand, a pyromancer, to burn the city, as he would rather murder a whole city than allow it to be taken. Aerys II had already killed his previous Hand by burning him alive when he dared argue with this plan. At all of seventeen years of age, Jaime Lannister, faced with a mad king who is ready to kill himself and everyone in King’s Landing, finally steps up, killing the pyromancer hand, and the mad king.

So while Jaime Lannister is a jerk, a murderer, and an arrogant piece of shit, he also had the bravery to stand up to his King at at seventeen and strike him down, saving a whole city of innocent people. How many grown men would have done the same? Not many. Certainly most didn’t bother. We don’t know for certain that saving the city and innocents was Jaime’s motivation for killing Aerys, but it seems so. For being able to stand up to a King, for doing the right thing and saving countless lives, that is why Jaime Lannister is the bravest man in Westeros.