The Geek This Week Ending June 8

So what all went on this week?

  • Ray Bradbury died. RIP fellow Lake County, Illinoisian.
  • E3 was this week, in case you somehow escaped that news
  • Venus transited across the sun
  • Prometheus is out! Showings started at midnight. Are you going to see it?
  • We got a look at the new SimCity
  • Bethesda gave us a look at the new Skyrim ex pac, Dawnguard
  • There’s a super unsatisfying teaser trailer for Elder Scrolls Online available

What happened in your geek this week?

The Geek This Week Ending May 18

So what all went on this week?

  • Facebook had the biggest IPO evar of a technology company, raising $16 billion USD
  • Blizzard dropped Diablo III, amidst a host of problems, which they’ve apologized for. (And I swear if it did not save my progress again, I am rage quitting)
  • No surprise here, Marvel’s The Avengers is still on top of the box office. The adorable and chocolate lickable-offable Alexander Skarsgard, who appears in Battleship, is not expected to make much of a dent. Since I don’t seem him in many trailers I’m guessing he’s not in a starring role. Fool move, Battleship producers, do you know how many Trubie straight women and gay men you could have had going to that movie JUST to see him? Stupid.
  • This summer is predicted to be hot. No word yet on whether water is still expected to be wet.
  • Finally, if you are a fan of NBC’s Grimm (and if you’re not, I highly recommend this show, it’s awesome) tonight is the season finale, 9/8c.