Female Friendly Guild Spotlight: Comic Relief

Comic ReliefAnother new feature here on Oh, A Girl Dragon, spotlight on a female friendly MMORPG guild. Finding a guild in an MMO can be hard, finding one that women can be comfortable in can be almost impossible. To help those guilds and potential members, I’m spotlighting different guilds that are either female only or female friendly.

This week, the guild leader of my own World of Warcraft guild, the one, the only, Sin. Sin is the leader of Comic Relief, a Horde guild on Cairne-US (Central Time Zone). Comic Relief can be found online at http://comicrelief.guildlaunch.com. On to the questions.

How did Comic Relief get its start? 
Comic Relief started out as a guild named It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere. The guild was started by a guy name Jimdog. A small group of people from a guild that didn’t want to be part of a raiding guild. So, they left the guild they were in and started the guild, the guild they were in was not a raiding guild but it was starting to head down that road. So, Jimdog, a friend of his, also the old guild leader and an officer of that guild left and started It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere. Well, after a while two of those four left and I was made an officer of the guild, didn’t know why I was made an officer but it happened. We decided that the guild name was a bit long so we made a new guild and Comic Relief was born. As time passed, we didn’t have a lot of members but we were growing.

What type of guild is Comic Relief?
Casual, Social and Friendly

What type of people are in the guild?
We have all types of people in the guild. We have those who like to pvp, those who like to quest, those who like to dungeon, those who like to raid, and those of us who like to sit around and chat. But everyone in the guild is friendly and helpful…

Do you have regular events or runs? 
We try to run something every week. We have just started up Naked Fun Runs, which have been a blast.

Is Comic Relief female only or female friendly? 
No, we are not a female only guild but we are female friendly.

Are there things that are taboo in guild chat or on the forums?
We don’t really have anything “taboo” but the thing is don’t say anything you would not say to your mother. I have had to call out some guildies about something.

Even in a female friendly environment, harassment can occur, how is that dealt with in Comic Relief?
A meeting with the person will be call for. Officers will be involded, if nothing can be settled. Removing the person from the guild will be called for. But as far as I know this has not happened within the guild.

Is Comic Relief looking for new members? If so, what are you looking for (DPS, class, etc.) and how would someone go about inquiring about joining? 
We are always looking for people for our little family. Looking for anyone who wants to have fun without feeling like they have to be the best. They can look us up in game by doing a /who of Comic Relief and asking if there is an officer on line or dropping an app on the guild website. I check the site everyday and will be in contact.

Is there anything else people should know about Comic Relief?
We are not just a group of people who play a game together. We are a family, if there is someone sick we care about that person, if someone is missing for a while we worry. So, yes we are a bit of a different type of guild.

Thank you so much to Sin and Comic Relief for being the first guild spotlight! If you are the leader of a female only or female friendly guild please use the contact form up top, send me a note on Facebook, or a Tweet, and let me know!

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