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I hate blog posts about the blogs that the post is written on. Sadly, it is sometimes a necessary evil.

Extra Life Donation Drive

You may have noticed an Extra Life donation drive button on the right side of my blog. On October 20 at 8AM Central I’ll be starting a 24 hour video game marathon. I’m asking for folks to pledge to support me. All monies go to the Children’s Miracle Network hospital in my area. The default goal was $100, and since it was my first year doing this, I went with that not knowing if it was doable. I already surpassed that goal, but further donations are also appreciated. To donate please click on the widget or go to my fundraiser page here.

The Spline

I started a new podcast called The Spline. The topic is The Sims and SimCity, two games I really love. I couldn’t find an existing podcast about either of them, so I decided to start my own. Episode four was recorded this past weekend and is available for download. You can find it on iTunes and also Stitcher Radio. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Female Friendly Guilds

As always I’m always looking for female friendly MMO guilds to profile on the site. If you are a guild leader or officer of one, please contact me! It can be ANY game and your guild does not need to be female only.

Independent SciFi or Fantasy Authors

If you are an independent author writing in the SciFi or Fantasy genre, I would love to interview you here on Oh, A Girl Dragon. Please get in contact with me! The interview can be via email or IM, or if you’re interested, I can figure out how to do an audio interview!

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