Comic Con 2012 Roundup

I would love to tell you that the reason you didn't hear from me last week was because I was at Comic Con, rubbing elbows with the Nerd Elite. Sadly, it's actually because my computer crashed. So what did I, and the unable to get a ticket masses, miss? Here's a run down. Game of Thrones casting for Season 3 has been announced (was this at Comic Con? I' m not sure but it happened) Game of Continue Reading

404 Not Found: Hot Geeky Men

A lot has been said about the hot geeky chick. Blog posts, commercials, Barrens chat, you name it. It seems like guys seem to think we are all sitting around in our underwear playing video games while quoting Monty Python. OK well, maybe we are but it's not lacy thong underwear, guys, it's Hanes Her Way grandma panties, and likely they have pizza stains on them just like yours do. Anyway. Hot Geek Continue Reading

World of Pacifist-Craft?

My brother has oft lamented that he can not level a character in an MMO by doing a crafting profession alone. Perhaps he has an entrepreneurial spirit I don't know about, I'm not sure. Either way, he might be interested in this story. Recently a Tauren Druid on the Silvermoon server of World of Warcraft posted on Reddit that he leveled his toon up to 85 by only doing 11 points of damage. And Continue Reading

Geek Podcasts

I will admit, my podcast list is a bit gaming heavy. And World of Warcraft heavy at that. What can I say? If you have some that you listen to that you would like to suggest, I'm all ears. Ha! I usually listen to these while I'm at work, makes the day go faster when you have a somewhat boring job. Here we go... Geek The Geek Domain - This is a geek news website that also has a podcast. Don't get Continue Reading

Introducing: The Microsoft Surface

I am not an iPerson. I don't own an iPhone, an iPod, or an iPad. I don't have a Mac Book, and other than the Apple IIe I learned to type on in high school and the Mac whatever it was I used on the college newspaper, I really haven't used their products. I don't camp out in front of the Apple store. You could say I'm not a fan. I'm not going to get into what's better, PCs or Macs, I'm just telling Continue Reading

New Sims 3 Expansion Pack: Supernatural

When I was a kid, despite not being all that girly, one thing I did like to do was play with my dollhouse. Things haven't changed much but instead of having a plastic dollhouse with a neat-o feature that allowed a 9V battery to serve as a power source for all of my lamps that my dad called a "fire" "hazard" I have an electronic dollhouse. And no cleanup. Or fire hazard. It's a little something I Continue Reading

The Geek This Week Ending June 8

So what all went on this week? Ray Bradbury died. RIP fellow Lake County, Illinoisian. E3 was this week, in case you somehow escaped that news Venus transited across the sun Prometheus is out! Showings started at midnight. Are you going to see it? We got a look at the new SimCity Bethesda gave us a look at the new Skyrim ex pac, Dawnguard There's a super unsatisfying teaser trailer Continue Reading

SimCity: Coming February 2013

The first time I played a SimCity game was on my brother's Super Nintendo. I loved every second of it. I loved creating a city and watching it grow and keeping my Sims happy. Unfortunately I don't like people quite as much as my Sims, annoying as even Sims can be, so a career in politics was not in the cards. Over the years I've played several incarnations of SimCity including SimCity 4 which Continue Reading

New Games This Week: June 4, 2012

Tuesday, June 5 Bang Bang Racing PS3, PC, Xbox 360 Deadly Association PC, iPhone, MAC Inversion Xbox 360, PC, PS3 Madagascar 3: The Video Game WII, Xbox 360, PS3, VITADS, 3DS Rayman Origins 3DS The Sims 3 Katy Perry's Sweet Treats PC Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown PS3, Xbox 360 Thursday, June 7 Art of Balance Touch! 3DS Cat Frenzy DS Friday, June 8 Strategic Continue Reading

New Games This Week: May 28, 2012

Monday, May 28 The Binding of Isaac: The Wrath of the Lamb PC, MAC Zombie Burst iPhone Tuesday, May 29 Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland PS3 Batman: Arkham City - Harley Quinn's Revenge Xbox 360, PC, PS3 Pure Chess VITA, PS3 Resistance: Burning Skies VITA Wednesday, May 30 Mad Riders Xbox 360 Sega Vintage Collection: Golden Axe Xbox 360 Sega Vintage Continue Reading