Pain, Pain Go Away

Wong Baker Pain Scale

I have talked a bit here about how OAGD was delayed due to pain issues I had last fall. Correction. Continue to have. Last October I woke up in the middle of the night with a thigh cramp. I jumped out of bed to stretch and in the process caused a disc in my neck to bulge and hit a nerve. Likely it was already bulging and the quick jump up just sealed the deal.

At first, and for a few months afterwards, I was in searing pain all the time. Narcotic pain relievers do nothing for me. The only thing that worked, really, was ibuprofen, and I was taking 800 mg of that 3 times a day. Even so, that only took the edge off. I stopped taking it regularly in January as it can mess up your stomach if you take it long term. My pain is still present, though not as intense, and most days I don’t take anything for it. I have seen a few doctors, am in my third round of physical therapy, and am trying acupuncture. So far, nothing is working. If you have experienced chronic pain, you know my frustrations. If you haven’t, I hope you never do. It’s a constant thing that never leaves you and people don’t believe you, including sometimes people that are close to you and your doctors. Imagine being in pain 24 hours a day and your doctor thinks you’re just trying to get drugs out of him. Frustrating, no?

But my point here is not to complain and whine about my pain problems. There’s been a study done on chronic pain. And it’s shown that there’s something different in the brain of people who experience chronic pain over those who have similar injuries and who’s pain goes away. The proximity of two regions in the brain basically train the brain to feel pain. Which goes along with my personal theory that pain begets pain – the more pain you are in, the more pain you will be in, it’s like it feeds off itself and if the cycle of pain is not interrupted, it will simply continue.

So what does that mean for pain sufferers? Well for chronic pain sufferers, not much at the moment. But it does mean that Science has not forgotten us and that they are researching ways to hopefully, eventually, make things better.

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