Winter & Mid-Season TV Line-Up

Game of Thrones returns Sunday, March 31

Game of Thrones returns Sunday, March 31

After a bit of a hiatus, I am back with your winter television shows that you’re dying to now are returning when now? Well, soon. Sooner than you think. I mean you’ll survive Christmas, the end of the world, and New Year’s and be thinking “Shit, here’s Valentine’s Day hot on it’s heels” but before it hits, all your free time will be sucked up by new episodes of your favorite shows and you’ll be stuck buying your significant other a gift certificate to ThinkGeek. Again. Well whatever, here we go. All times are Eastern.

Being Human – Syfy, Monday, January 14 at 9PM

The Big Bang Theory – CBS, Thursday, January 3 at 8PM

Castle – ABC, Monday, January 7 at 10:01PM (yes, really, 10:01, WTF?)

Community – NBC, Thursday, February 7 at 8PM (I’ll believe this when I see it!)

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – CBS, Wednesday, January 16, at 10PM

CSI: New York – CBS, Friday, January 4 at 8PM

Doctor Who – BBCA, Tuesday, December 25 at 9PM (This is likely just the Christmas special, I don’t think this is a regularly scheduled time, or that this is a start of a new season or mid season. I’m REALLY FAR behind on my Doctor Who episodes. Like three years. It’s quite shameful.)

Face Off – Syfy, Tuesday, January 15 at 9PM

Fringe – Fox, Friday, December 21 at 9PM (This didn’t really take a break, but it is the final few episodes)

Game of Thrones – HBO, Sunday, March 31 at 9PM

Girls – HBO, Sunday, January 13 at 9PM

Ghost Hunters – Syfy, Wednesday, January 16 at 9PM

Grimm – NBC, Friday, March 8 at 9PM (OMGWTFBBQ I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL MARCH????)

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo – Are you fucking kidding me? If you keep watching that shit, they keep putting it on TV! Bad geek! BAD!!!

How I Met Your Mother – CBS, Monday, January 14 at 8PM

Modern Family – ABC, Wednesday, January 9 at 9PM

The Office – NBC, Thursday, January 10 at 9PM

Once Upon A Time – ABC, Sunday, January 6 at 8PM

Parks & Recreation – NBC, Thursday, January 17 at 8:30PM

Revolution – NBC, Monday, March 25 at 10PM (I’m sorry to say this one sucked me in. CURSE YOU J.J. ABRAMS!!!!)

The Walking Dead – AMC, Sunday, February 10 at 9PM

Did I miss anything? Let me know. Or check out’s guide.

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